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Mirage Banquet Hall is Minneapolis event center providing event venues for Wedding Ceremony & Reception, Corporate Events, Private Event Space, Fundraisers & Non-Profit events.

We are one of the most sought after Minneapolis event centers. If you are looking for an all-service event space in Minneapolis,  Mirage Banquet Hall is the place for you. We are known for holding some of well known Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Baby Showers, Fundraising events in Minneapolis at a great price.

We believe inaccessibility. Mirage Banquet Hall has proper parking space for your guests cars. They can reach the venue easily due to it’s obvious location. Our venue has access to wifi and a good mobile network. For an entertaining and music system, the amazing acoustic of the hall can make dancing to music a treat. We will decorate the location, layout and other things will be given special attention to your event.

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If you are looking for a secure venue with all the amenities and a beautiful, easily accessible location, Mirage Banquet Hall is the place. No matter the type of celebration, or party, our spacious and elegant banquet hall gives you the freedom to invite more than a hundred people and have a great time. At Mirage Banquet Hall we take great care in securing the venue. Our in-house catering and entertainment service is sure to give you the best experience at the event. When you come to Mirage Banquet Hall, taking care of your event is our duty.

Mirage Banquet Hall – Minneapolis Event Center Can Help You Manage Your Event

If you are too overwhelmed by handling details of events, let us help. We are not a beautiful venue, but a team of abled event managers. We can do the setting arrangement, decoration, food, snacks and beverages management and our team will help you every step of the process so you are not flustered by it all. You can come to the venue and discuss the details before the event so everything goes smoothly on the day of the event. Our team can help you hire help such as cleaners, waiters and servers, DJs and other amenities at the event. We have helped hundreds of people with events in Minneapolis. Call us to have the best event possible.

Affordable Event Space At Minneapolis

Mirage Banquet Hall is one of the most reasonably priced Banquet halls in Minneapolis. We can provide valuable services and a clean location for your events within your investment. 
We suggest you book the venue ahead of time, especially if it’s during busy season. Our easy booking service system will make it easy for you to book the event space with clear terms and conditions. There will be no hidden charges or fees, just go through the simple terms and conditions and you are good to go. If budget is an issue, feel free to discuss the details with our management team. They can help you manage everything within your budget by smart spending tactics.

Mirage Banquet Hall Is a Spacious And Beautiful Venue For Your Events

Our Minneapolis Banquet hall has spacious outdoors and indoors that you can take full advantage of. If you want to have an engaging event at reputed Minneapolis event center, Mirage Banquet hall is perfect for it, with beautiful view, beautiful architecture that enhances the looks of the surrounding.

If you want to create a theme celebration, our team can decorate the venue according to your theme at a lower price than what an outsider will charge you at any Minneapolis event center. We help you experience luxury atmosphere that makes your guests happy and makes your event a success.

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Mirage Banquet Hall  Advantages

Mirage Banquet Hall has kitchens that can be used by the caterers for easy accessibility of food. Our beautiful outdoors can be used as outdoor seating for a summer night event. There are a number of bathrooms on each floor for the guests. We have proper security at the venue to keep the safety of guests at check. With an adequate number of tables, chairs and silverwares, we will make your event memorable.


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