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Mirage Banquet Hall is a more than twenty years old event venue with beautiful architecture and soothing outdoor location. Mirage Banquet Hall holds events such as Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Baby Showers, fundraisers, non-profit events etc.

We own the biggest and best known Minneapolis event centres in, with spacious event areas and aesthetically pleasing locations that are perfect for pictures. When you want an elegant and luxurious looking banquet hall at an affordable price, take a look at Mirage Banquet Hall.

We are one of the oldest event venues with experience of hosting thousands of events in the last twenty years. Our staff are highly trained professionals who can take care of a huge number of guests with ease. We have an in-house, dedication team, caterers, and entertainment team. We give out rentals for silverware, tables, chores, decorative items, etc. We are a full house of handling events of any kind.

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If you are looking for a wedding venue, consider Mirage Banquet Hall. Our multiple huge rooms on all levels give the guests, family members and bride and groom room to get ready before the wedding. Most rooms have bathrooms attached to them. There are other bathrooms as well around the hall that are easily accessible. The huge area of the Hall or the beautiful outdoors can be used as a wedding aisle. We will set up chairs, podiums and white carpets, decorate the area for you to have the beautiful wedding at our location. We promise you with adequate lighting in the day time you will get the best photos of your wedding with professional decoration by our team.

Mirage Banquet Hall is the best Minneapolis event center, located in a prime location and not in a remote location like many banquets are. Within a reasonable budget, you can have everyone’s attention at your event planning. We adequately heat and cool the hall to keep the temperature steady and the guests comfortable. Every guest can easily access the venue location without quam. We give proper security in the venue keeping everyone safety in mind. The parking area makes parking easily and a professional valet can park your car to the right location. Electricity is always present at the venue and bathrooms are kept clean and sanitized.

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It is not easy to locate the right venue for the event you are preparing for, and the more visitors the more the pressure is on you to find the perfect venue. If you don’t want to hire a place that is too large or your event will feel overwhelmed and your budget will be wasted on space you didn’t need. Call us and discuss the number of people at your event, the type of in-houses you will need, the menu, the timing and other specifics so we can plan out everything and discuss the budget. Once you have decided you want to go with us, we will book the venue for the date for you, so no one else takes the date. Call us today and make an appointment.


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