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If you are planning a corporate event with your employees, board members, stakeholders, clients,etc, you need a venue that is not only classy but has all the amenities. Mirage Banquet Hall is perfect for corporate events of all sizes and capacities.

Businesses may organise an event for any reason. To probably celebrate a recent success, to reward dedicated employees, to motivate new recruits, for annual corporate parties etc. Whatever the reason might be, Mirage Banquet Hall fulfills all the kinds of corporate events venues. Mirage Banquet Hall is the perfect corporate event space as it has all the utilities available such as electricity, water, gas 24X7 at full capacity. The bathrooms are clean, every inch of the banquet hall is cleaned and sanitized before and after each event. We take cleanliness very seriously. The area is spacious and we have bathrooms, spare rooms, powder rooms, multiple bathrooms for men and women, and an actual event area. Mirage Banquet Hall can hold up to 1000 people with enough elbow room for everyone. You can do the corporate event indoors or outdoors or both.

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Mirage Banquet hall has been considered cost effective and aesthetically pleasing by previous clients as well as critiques. We take great pride in the aesthetic beauty of the place. The right combination of classical and modern architecture brings out the best in the venue. Your guests will definitely have a pleasing experience with the beauty of the venue. Mirage Banquet Hall has enough space to do activities, dancing, musical chairs or any other party activity. The Dance floor is spacious enough. The acoustic of the area is best for dancing to music. The music will not echo or be dulled, the architect will enhance the music more.



If you are given the responsibility of managing the event, we can help you. Our all-round staff will help you with every aspect of bringing forward a successful event night. With proper and adequate trained staff available at sight, such as servers, bartender, kitchen staff, etc. We will lay out the proper number of chairs and tables.

We also have in-house catering service that you can hire at an affordable price. Even though the original eleancy of Mirage Banquet Hall is enough, you can choose to do additional decoration and our decorators will help you with it.


Mirage Banquet Hall has enough space to conduct party fun games, or dance floors. Our entertainment team can set up speakers, microphone, karaoke, party games such as popping the balloon, musical chair, dumb charets etc. The acoustic of the hall will make dancing to the music all the move fun. There is enough space for people to walk around, dance, and mingle. The in-house bar keeps the drinks coming and party attendees entertained. You can be sure to be praised by your colleagues for choosing Mirage Banquet Hall for being a wholesome event banquet hall.

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If you need elevated stages for stage events like prize distribution, let us know before time our team will make the necessary changes to construct a temporary stage or podium. You can come to visit our banquet before the event to make sure it is a perfect match for you and also to discuss specifics of the event so we can help early on.

The venue location is easily accessible, it has proper routes for people coming to the venue from around Minneapolis. There is ample space for attendees to park their cars, avallet will be present at the location provided from In-house.


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