Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Refunded If I Cancel My Booking?

Yes, make sure to cancel your booking 30 days before. With 50% cancellation fees, you will be refunded.

What Are The Add-On Services We Can Take?

The in-house catering, in-house decorators, in-house entertainment such as speakers and DJ.

When Do I Get Access To Do All The Set Up For The Event?

Depending on the size of the event, you will get access 24 hours before the event.

Is There a Booking Policy?

Yes, there are booking policies deping when your event will take place. You will have to call the number to know the details on booking policy.

Will Speakers And Technicians Handle The Technology Available At Sight?

Yes, we provide speaker, wi fi and screen services depending on the type of event. A technician is always available to handle everything.

Can I Hire Services From Outside?

Yes. In case you choose outside catering, decorator etc, make sure to inform us way before time so we can coordinate with them.

Is Wifi Available At The Venue?

Yes, wi fi is available for free.

What If Fewer People Attend The Event Than We Planned For?

There is no price concession if the guest numbers are lower than expected. If beverages and food are left in an ample amount, we usually donate it. However, if you wish to take it home with you, we can manage that.

Will The Venue Provide It's Own Venue Staff?

Yes, we provide event staff from our end. The cost of event staff depends on the size of event.

Are Bathrooms Ready For The Number Of Guests And Staff And Suitable For The Number?

Yes. All the bathrooms at Mirage Banquet Hall have necessary amenities. They cleaned and sanitized and always kept in working condition.
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