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Fundraisers are amazing events for noble causes. It is bringing people, business, sponders, companies, government agencies and chargeable foundations all under the same roof.

Money seekers and money contributors can meet and talk about noble causes and raise money for them. These are elite social events and we understand the importance of it. Big names are usually involved in fundraising events and that’s why we provide the best possible staff support for all kinds of fundraising events.

Mirage Banquet Hall has the  perfect setting for fundraising event spaces in Minneapolis, with ample space, clean and spacious amenities like bathrooms, power rooms etc. Since fundraising events need a relaxed atmosphere so everyone can talk to one another, our team can make a perfect atmosphere for such events. Our quality acoustic, beautiful supporting and supportive non-intrusive staff will help you get the best possible fundraising event.


Mirage Banquet Hall is easily accessible for any person or group of people coming to the vent from anywhere in Minneapolis. When hosting a fundraising event you would want an affordable venue that provides the best possible service at the price. Mirage Banquet hall provides everything a good banquet hall needs. Our venue is kept clean and sanitized. The bathrooms are always in working condition, cleaned and spacious. The kitchen can be used by catering staff to keep the food warm and easily accessible if you are bringing catering service from outside. If you choose to hire in-house caterers, let us know in advance so we can discuss the menu. If you need us to help you decorate the place we can do it. Our staff is reliable and easy to work with. Everyone is well trained to handle a large number of guests without an issue and work professionally.

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Mirage Banquet Hall is located in a beautiful area with a great view. You would love the beautiful aesthetic energy of the place. The architecture of the property has its own allure. You won’t be disappointed by the beauty of the place. We give special attention to lighting so every part of the hall is properly lit. The temperature is always controlled to a comfortable degree. The water is hot in the bathroom and electricity is always present. We can promise you value for money when you host your fundraising event in Mirage Banquet Hall. Call us today to know more or book a date.


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