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If you are planning your weddings and need a venue that will make your special day even more memorable, rent Mirage Banquet Hall. Mirage Banquet Hall is perfect for any small or big event, more so for a wedding.

The mesmerizing interior and outside, will make your wedding pictures stand out and wedding video aesthetically pleasing. If there is anything we serve better than that’s location. Our location and beautiful architect of the Banquet speaks for itself. Mirage Banquet Hall is not only beautiful but is spacious, and has all the accessibilities such as bathrooms, powder rooms and kitchen. Mirage Banquet Hall was made and renovated keeping wedding venues in mind. Everything is molded to fit the requirements of bride and groom’s needs.

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We understand how stressful planning your wedding is and one of the biggest challenges is choosing a wedding venue. Weddings would be one of the biggest decisions of your life and you want to remember the moment forever, you want to make lifetime memories at the podium. When choosing a wedding venue if you think about affordability, food,entertainment, venue accessibility and location, you have come to the right place. Mirage Banquet Hall takes every single one of your worries seriously and works towards solving them.

If you need affordable wedding managers or planners, our in-house team can help. We have decorators that will decorate the wedding aisle, dinner tables, everything else according to the design and theme that you have in mind. Our in-house caterers know the place in and out, and they offer you some of the tastiest dishes available. Just let us know what you want for food and beverages and we will make it available in the required amount. We have strict no-wastage policy which makes sure no food is wasted and the right amount of food is prepared. If you choose not to take any of the services offered by us, that’s fine too. We will cooperate with anyone you hire and show them around.

Give us a call today to discuss the number of people in your guestlist so we can provide you an estimate on all the above services including table, chair, silverware, etc rental prices. We will step up every time so you can get everything ready before the wedding day and don’t have to fuss on the day of the wedding.


Our wedding venue is big enough to accommodate up to 1000 guests spaciously even with buffet, bar, Dj setup, dance floor and dinner tables. The guests will have enough elbow room to move around and not feel choked. The comfortable atmosphere with ample ventilation, proper lighting and temperature maintenance, you guest will feel amazing being in the after party, wedding ceremony as well being around and mingling. The aesthetic of our banquet hall is perfect for taking pictures or just being around and enjoying.

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Mirage Banquet Hall takes safety, security and privacy very seriously. We have strong and reliable security at sight, on the gate and around the hall. Most parts except for the private area of the hall are monitored by CCTVs. We do not let anyone come in without permission if they are not listed on the guest list. The area is closed off from outsiders, so even if the wedding is taking place outdoors outsiders won’t be able to intervene.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, do not hesitate to call.


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